“Children are their oppressors…women rule over them.”

Isaiah 3:1–5, 12, YHVH…takes away…children…insolent…women rule over them. When YHVH’s judgment comes on a sinful nation, godly leadership and his protection is removed from that nation leaving a moral and spiritual vacuum. When the fear of Elohim is gone, so goes wisdom. With the absence of the wise, fools and the foolish rise up and take over a nation. This godless vacuum will soon be filled with ungodly, silly and rebellious youth and feminized male leaders and masculinized female leaders—Ahabs and Jezebels! Children who are insolent against their parents and elders are proof of the spiritual declension of a nation and YHVH’s hand being taken off that nation and his resulting judgment against it are the result. Isaiah clearly lays out this process in this passage. The cause and effect results were as true then with ancient Judah as they are today with modern America.

Since my youth (growing up in the 1960s and 70s), I have seen children go from acting respectfully to their parents and adults in general (“Yes sir,” “No Sir,” “Mr.” and Mrs.”) to total foul-mouthed disrespect and mocking scorn for older people. Correction and discipline of these rebellious brats has gone out the window, been tossed in the trash can of political correctness. When was the last time you saw a paddle in the school principal’s office? It was the norm in my day. Now such a school leader would be fired and convicted of “child abuse.” Moreover, gender roles, in many cases, have been reversed. The term “house husband” now has common currency. Many women have become masculine and men have become feminized. As an example of this, names that have been traditionally reserved for the male gender or now popular for girls along with woman smoking cigars, sporting tatoos, men wearing hair buns, earrings, painting their toenails, and the list goes on. Now there’s even gender identity confusion and “gender reassignment” operations. Is it any wonder?

This process has been horrendously sad and deeply painful for those of us in the older generation to watch, but it is merely symptomatic of a nation that has turned its back on Elohim. We know what things used to be like when families still went to church, there was prayer in schools, patriotism was taught in our institutions of education, mothers raised their children at home, divorce was rare, godly masculinity was a virtue and the fear of Elohim and adherence to biblical values still, to one degree or another, was the norm societally.

This is much more than looking back and waxing eloquent for the good old days. It’s about mourning for a nation that has lost its moral and spiritual compass and has gone from a God-fearing nation to one that loathes to keep Elohim in its memory, and is too blind by its own pride and self-absorption to recognize that two plus two equals four.

May YHVH Elohim help us to be children of his light in these times of gross darkness. Do not become weary in well-doing!


4 thoughts on ““Children are their oppressors…women rule over them.”

  1. And it can become wearisome as the pain of it all is magnified day after day. I can’t fathom how YHVH feels, as we only experience a vapor in time of it. As a small scale evangelist, and ministry who helps individuals more than the masses; the rejection cuts deep. Those who acknowledge and confess Yeshua, read the Bible, but don’t change in any other way baffle me. Pride flairs up quick, so I guess it shouldn’t be a quandary. Thanks for sharing. We have to encourage each other to keep doing Matthew 28:19-20 so we can say, what Yeshua said in John 17:11. Blessings Natan!

  2. I can identify with what you said,Sir.
    Like the mother of Katy Perry,I can feel her pain.
    We both have a prodigal daughters.
    Irony of it all,is that Katy’s mother ministers to women in their congregation
    and Katy’s father is a pastor.
    But then in the end,Katy choose her own way instead of Elohim’s way.

    • O the grief and angst of righteous parents whose children are prodigals! You have to go through it to understand it. It keeps them on their knees and showering their kids with the love of Yeshua, even as Yeshua loved us while we were yet sinners. May our love bring all of our wayward children to the foot of the cross and to the love of Yeshua! At the same time, O the joy when a prodigal wakes up and returns to their spiritual foundations and faith. This was the joy of the father in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Heaven rejoices along with the earth when this happens.

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