Videos: The Bible on Clean and Unclean Meats

This video presents the heart and spirit behind the biblical dietary commandments. A free study guide is available at

In this video, Natan discusses controversial passages in the New Testament that many Bible teachers use to invalidate the Old Testament dietary laws, and he shows how their arguments are illogically invalid.


7 thoughts on “Videos: The Bible on Clean and Unclean Meats

  1. Dear Natan

    I am so glad you are doing these teachings too. I live in Australia in a very small country town and Elohim by His Spirit began teaching me to value His Word and realise the Power of this Word that we often disregard & abuse solely because of bias in men’s ideas against Truth. Often we don’t realise we are strongly opposing the One who Loved us First & disregarding our Salvation’s purpose to make us Kadosh through Christ.

    Sadly many are called & hear part of Jesus’ true message of the Kingdom ie forgivenenss of sin but never enter into the process of Sanctification to be a separate Kadosh nation……so sadly we hear but FEW will be chosen because the Fruit is not Kadosh.

    I would like to donate more frequently Natan but have not enough $ to go every where I desire. I find it hard to as each separate donation from Australian to American dollars loses a fair amount in charges too that are worked into the profiteering in exchange rates. : (

    I am however doing the tithe for the ‘priesthood’ in the wilderness/nations like yourself & the tithe for the feasts & helping the poor and as His Word says am being blessed in many ways in the restoration of MY very Being before Him. I lift your work in the Kingdom in prayer.

    Praise Yahuwah and blessings to you and your service to the Kingdom and all those whom you draw nearer to truth.
    Am looking into the AViv barley New Hebrew Year deeply too as the body has not come under the headship of Christ completely but I trust He will make plain eventually the Ancient Paths and we will be blessed with Greater Unity and Joy by the power of Y’shua and the gift of the Kadosh Spirit.

  2. Natan,

    I was posed the following question. How would you answer it??

    “God told Adam that he could only eat green plants of the field.

    God told Noah, that he could eat any animal that lives and moves.

    God told Moses that he could only eat certain animals.

    Which of those 3 commandments, should you be obedient to?”

    The statement that SEEMS to be really contradictory is that God told Noah he could eat ANY animal that lives and moves?

    Gen 9:3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.

    I know Elohim did not literally authorize Noah to eat the unclean animals. He does not change nor did the animals change. but it’s difficult to explain this to someone with Gen 9:3 saying Noah could eat EVERY moving thing..

    Noah knows about clean and unclean animals as they entered into the Ark so when Elohim told Noah he could eat every moving thing it must have been in the context of every clean animal..

    What do you think?

    • Let’s think critically and evaluate our words compared to what YHVH actually said in his Word to see if our words line up with his.

      First, YHVH never said to ONLY eat green herbs. What he told Adam is that he gave all sorts or kinds (literal Hebrew) of plants for man to eat. This in no way precludes meat.

      No, YHVH didn’t tell Noah he could eat any animal that moves. If this were so, then we did he delineate to Noah clean and unclean animals prior to the flood (Gen 7:8)? In Gen 9:3, “Every” in “Every moving thing that lives…” is the Hebrew word kal which also means “all sorts or kinds of.” Obviously, YHVH didn’t mean “every” in the sense of non-exclusiveness or else what he said in Gen 7:8 re clean and unclean animals would by an irrelevant lie. Moreover, we can’t eat EVERY kind of plant, since some plants are poisonous. So obviously all doesn’t mean all as it has been improperly translated from Hebrew into our English Bibles. Common sense isn’t always very common when it comes to theologians trying to interpret away the truths of the Bible.

      With these fundamental biblical truths established, the dietary laws YHVH revealed to the Israelites through Moses in Lev 11 fall neatly into place with none of YHVH’s instructions to man regarding what he an and can’t eat contradicting each other. See that? It is a faulty interpretation of Scripture on the part of so-called theologians that turns the Word of Elohim into an incongruent mess. Just because men see the Scriptures in this way doesn’t mean they actually are!

      • Many Theologians also fail to interpret scripture with a Hebraic perspective. Instead, they put on their “anti-Semetic glasses” and are unable to see the full truth. Until they take those glasses off Ya will not allow them to see or understand certain truths because they have no desire to. They are content to believe the things they are told.

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