Why Torah Forbids Eating Blood

Leviticus 7:26, Not eat any blood. YHVH revealed in the Torah that the life of flesh is in the blood (Lev 17:11). Therefore, the blood symbolizes the whole life of the living being. This is why the blood being poured upon the altar made atonement for the souls of men (Lev 17:11), since it represented and pointed to the shedding of Yeshua’s blood when he sacrificed his life on the cross in atoning for men’s sins. Respecting the blood is necessary not only because it symbolizes the sanctity of the life of man who was made in the Creator’s image (Gen 1:26 cp. 9:6), but more importantly, because of the blood of Elohim’s Son that was shed for man’s redemption (Lev 17:11). For one to eat the blood showed disdain for what the blood typifies. In times past, such a violation resulted in the punishment of being banished from the nation of Israel.

Blood stains

The blood was to be reserved for the sacrificial service where it was used symbolically to represent Yeshua’s shedding his blood on the cross. The blood of a lamb was put on the door posts to protect men from YHVH’s judgment against sin (Exod 12:7, 13). Moses sprinkled the blood of oxen on the people symbolizing their coming into covenantal relationship with YHVH (Exod 24:5–8). Additionally, the blood of sacrificed animals was sprinkled throughout the tabernacle, on Aaron and his sons, and all around the altar to sanctify it. All these acts and uses of the blood were illustrative of the unrestricted cleansing power of the blood of Yeshua, which is why YHVH expected his people to treat the blood with a reverence. Those who didn’t evidenced a heart of indifference for the set-apart or kadosh things of Elohim—an intolerable offence in the Creator’s eyes.


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  1. Oh man, so true. I tried to ask my wife a while ago, “The New Testament says for us not to eat blood. But you say it’s ok to eat anything. What if I wanted to eat blood. Is that a sin?”
    After much hemming and hawing, she says NO! Because it’s not a moral issue.

    I tried, Natan. I tried. And I still love her (duh). Praise Yahvh for our spouses who challenge us. Amen and AlleluYah!

    • It all gets down to how one defines “moral sin.” Are we going to define it how the church does, or how YHVH does? The dictionary defines moral as “concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.” Your wife needs to ask herself (as do all Christians), is it wrong behavior to sin against YHVH by going contrary to his word? The answer is definitely yes.

  2. and the Lord said unto Cain, “what have you done? the VOICE of your brother’s blood cries to me from the ground..”.I thought the “voice” was a kind of KJV Elizabethan English, but no…science has discovered the “somatid” , a minuscule entity in our blood that never dies …truly the life is in the blood! they can be seen in live blood cell analysis magnified…I have seen them in my own blood tests..amazing! Our God is so very awesome..Hallelu-YAH!

      • there are a few noteworthy videos on youtube you can checkout.1)..Gaston Naessens-the Somatoscope,2) Earth’s tiniest living organisms, and 3)Chromosomes, Somatids and the Blood of Christ by Anchor Stone (who explores the story of Ron Wyatt’s discovery re: the Ark if the Covenant. As I stated before I have seen these somatids in my own blood and I have the photos!

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