Foot Washing—An Act of Loving Service

John 13:8, You will never wash. Peter rejected Yeshua’s washing his feet not because of human obstinateness, but because of his honor for Yeshua. Washing the feet of one’s guests was an act of hospitality on the part of a host and was usually performed by a servant, not the host. Peter considered it to be demeaning for the Master to be performing the task of a servant, yet this is exactly what Yeshua was attempting to demonstrate. As the Messiah, he came to lay down his life in loving service for his disciples and not to be served (Matt 20:28; John 10:15; 15:13). Yeshua then made the point that his disciples should following his example in serving one another (vv. 12–17).

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3 thoughts on “Foot Washing—An Act of Loving Service

  1. I have thought that foot washing of disciples by Yeshua was meant to illustrate that he would cleanse us from the sins of our earthly walk in the next age.
    This is illustrative of the same ceremony as cleansing priests (we are nation of priests) by washing feet with water from bronze laver in the tabernacle.

  2. One other point on this…Remember we are “washed by the Word” and Christ/Yeshua is the living Word!

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