4 thoughts on “New Video: Want healing? Stop eating garbage!

  1. Your serious! It is true, eat good and feel good. Sorrow to say, we have no Kosher store around here but during Passover many stores carry some Kosher. My husband and I started juicing lately and feel so much better. God off during Thanksgiving but everything in moderation.
    Thanks for the word!

    • You bring up a point that I need to address. You don’t have to buy your food from a kosher store to keep a biblical kosher diet. We shop at regular stores. We just know what to look for. After a while, you get pretty good at reading labels.

      I’ll do a piece for my blog on this. Stay tuned!

  2. I would love some direction on Biblical kosher eating. We do the obvious, no pork, shellfish etc, but what do you do about beef, for example? Do you soak it in salt water before cooking to remove as much blood as possible? Our neighbor shot a deer on our land and gave it to us field dressed. He did bleed it immediately after shooting. Would there be something more we need to do before eating?

    Re: food and health. I say “amen” to your admonition that when you are asking God for healing, you also ask Him to assess your eating habits. He supernaturally led me to a book, “Breaking the Vicious Cycle,” by Elaine Gottschall 11 years ago, and within several months, the recommended diet reversed a serious intestinal condition for me and IBS for my husband. He is a very practical Father, and will give us advice on what to eat! Thanks, Natan for info on kosher eating.

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