New Video: Mount St. Helens & God’s Coming Judgment on America

America wake up and turn away from your sins! See actual on-site video footage of Mount St. Helens 33 years after its 1980 eruption. This video is a brief documentary on its volcanic eruption with my personal memories of that day, and how this relates to God’s coming judgment on America, and how you can be saved out of this judgment.



2 thoughts on “New Video: Mount St. Helens & God’s Coming Judgment on America

  1. It seems to me that you put the wrong video clip here. I was hoping for Mount St Helens and got “Why does God allow suffering?” Bummer!

    • Sorry. Thanks for pointing this out to me. A couple of my videos had messed up links. Don’t know if it was YouTube’s screw up or mine. I wasn’t able to correct the problem on YouTube’s end, so I did a work-around. You don’t have a thumbnail picture of the video on the blog, but the link is correct, and will take you to the Mount St. Helens video. I got some awesome video. Check it out! Hopefully the message will bless you too, though it’s a tough one.

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