New Video: The West Is Past Repentance & Is Pre-Judgment

The Bible is a book of historical lessons. History repeats itself because human nature has never changed. From the Book of Judges, we can learn some important lessons pertaining to the end times. For example, the Western nations including America have lost their way morally and spiritually. They have lost their conscience and are past the ability to repent. This is because they don’t even know what repentance is or what to repent of! Only YHVH’s judgments unto repentance remain to awaken these so-called Christian nations spiritually as this video reveals.


The Brainwashing of Americans by Bible and God Haters

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From alleged widespread racism to “Islamophobia” to “gender reassignment,” the way the American left currently portrays many of today’s top issues is not only wrong, says bestselling author David Kupelian, it is an attempt to forcibly replace reality with a series of coveted delusions – commonly called “narratives.”

Kupelian, whose latest book is “The Snapping of the American Mind,” made his comments during a fast-paced drive-time interview with popular San Francisco KSFO radio talker Brian Sussman.

“The statistics are simply mind-melting,” said Kupelian, referring to the astronomical levels of addiction, depression and family breakdown in today’s America, which he ties in his book to the left’s ongoing “fundamental transformation of America.” “One hundred and thirty million people are dependent on legal or illegal mind-altering substances. We’re not talking 130,000. This sounds like all the adults, almost – it’s like [we’re] a nation of addicts!”As part of the progressive-left influence that Kupelian says is so adversely affecting the nation, Americans are being intimidated, bullied and seduced into accepting a whole slew of false “narratives” as though they represented reality, said Kupelian.

A “narrative,” he said, is just “a nice name for a … mass delusion.”

Kupelian rattled off a few examples of present-day false media narratives:

“Faisal Mohammad wasn’t motivated by jihad.”

“Bruce Jenner is a woman.”

Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was a victim of racist police – even though it’s proven that he was a predator,” Kupelian added. “He was a punk on drugs who had just knocked off a convenience store and he tried to kill a cop, to grab his gun!” But “it doesn’t matter” to the left, said Kupelian. “You still hear about Ferguson and Michael Brown” as though the mythical “gentle giant” was a victim of trigger-happy, racist cops.

Another delusion-based narrative, said Kupelian, is that “Islam is a religion of peace. I have to tell you, I have about 100 family members who were killed by jihadists during the Armenian Genocide,” said Kupelian. “Islam has not been a religion of peace for the last 14 centuries. And it doesn’t show any signs of beginning now.”

“Where is this all coming from?” Kupelian asked rhetorically.

“We don’t live in a vacuum. … I’m saying we have a culture and a presidency in which basically we’re taught there is no God, there is no right and wrong and the biblical morals that this country did pretty well with for several centuries are oppressive and racist and we need to get rid of them!” He added, “There’s a side of us that feels like this is liberation, but there’s a price to pay. We’re paying the price now.”

Indeed, American politics has become so unhinged, he said, it is hard for normal Americans to even process what is happening.

“Hillary Clinton should be in prison, he noted, adding, “We have this socialist who, God bless Donald Trump, he referred to Bernie Sanders as a ‘communist maniac.'”

He then told Sussman: “I defy your listeners to go to the CPUSA website, Communist Party USA [] … Tell me the difference between the communist – forget socialism, the Communist Party USA – and the Democrat Party. Everything [on the CPUSA site] is ‘war on women,’ ‘racism,’ all the same stuff” over which today’s Democrat Party obsesses, he said.

The result of this political and moral insanity, Kupelian believes, is a kind of massive psychological strain imposed on Americans who find it difficult to live on a diet of lies.

In “The Snapping of the American Mind,” said Kupelian, “I’m connecting the dots between that big picture” of the Obama-left’s “fundamental transformation” of America “and the individual picture of the wretchedness and brokenness and pathology of the 130 million Americans that are dependent on [toxic] substances,” said Kupelian, who contends that leftist deception and intimidation “is actually driving good, unsuspecting Americans over the edge to depression, anger, mental illness, addiction, family breakdown – all the pathology and the wretchedness we see on the individual level which we don’t really attach to politics so much.”

Sussman, who frequently guest-hosts for Michael Savage on “The Savage Nation” and is the author of “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda Will Dismantle America,” agreed with Kupelian.

“I hear that all the time!” he exclaimed.

As a talk show host, Sussman said he must often guard his listeners from everything that’s happening.

“If I just gave them the news of the day, people would be crashing their cars,” he joked. “Their minds are about to snap. ‘I can’t take this anymore.’ And I think you’re nailing it with this book.”

But it can be hard to break away from an all-encompassing media culture. Misspeaking for a moment, Kupelian said, “Bruce Jenner is still a woman,” when he meant to say Jenner is still a man.

Realizing his mistake, he laughed, “Oh no, they’ve gotten to me!”

Sussman chortled, “It’s gotten to you as well, your mind has snapped, David!”

Jokes aside, Kupelian’s message is deadly serious. And for those who actually want to help troubled people, he has simple advice – stick to reality. He affirmed the biological impossibility of “sex change” – or to use today’s euphemism, “gender reassignment” – citing the finding of the former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital that changing genders is “biologically impossible.”

“This is a controversial thing to say, especially in San Francisco,” Kupelian advised. “You cannot transition from one sex to the other. An adult male has about 37 trillion cells. Every one of them is permanently branded with Y [male] chromosomes.”

Kupelian said going along with transgenderism and other absurdities amounts to encouraging mental illness. As he put it, if a pathologically skinny anorexic woman thinks she is fat – a common syndrome among anorexics – “we don’t need to pretend she is fat.”

How can a person cope with living in a world of false narratives and dreamlike illusions? Kupelian argues the solution is simple:

“We need to wake up. We just need to wake up.”

He continued: “People tell me, ‘You know, this is a nightmare we’re living in under Obama.’ … It’s true, but there’s only one step away from a nightmare to being awake again. You just have to wake up. You have to put aside these sleepy delusions” that make us feel so comfortable in our dream world, he said.

In the end, Sussman told his listeners, “I want to promote this book heavily. David, great book, and it’s flying off the shelves as I would expect.”


22 Proofs that We’re Living in a Culture of Death

Are you one who loves death or life more? Not sure? Ask yourself this question? Which do I want more, to live or die? If the latter is the answer, then why is American culture so preoccupied with a culture of death?

The West has given itself over to a culture of death and self destruction. The signs are all around us and have been evident for several decades now.

The speed at which western society is going into the pit of death is increasing at an appalling rate.

Genuine human skull figured as crime scene, very narrow focus

If you talk to nearly anyone in America who is over 60 years old, they will tell you they don’t recognize our country, it has radically changed in the last 50 years, and it’s not the same country they grew up in.

The same generation overcame the Great Depression, defeated the Japanese and Nazis in World War II and went on to become our war heros, entrepreneurs, business leaders, educators, judges, political and religious leaders will tell you that they fear for their grandchildren and what kind of a world they will inherit. I know, because I talk with these people nearly every day and they share these concerns with me.

Here are the indicators that we have given ourselves over to a culture of death, Continue reading


Judgment on America: Economic House of Cards About to Collapse

I invite you to watch this video where Dr. Ron Paul very simply and articulately explains America’s current economic plight and the impending consequences of it. His 30 or so minute talk is a real bucket of cold water in the face!

Scales 20343970

The later part of his talk becomes an infomercial. I’m not posting this video to promote that. I’m only interested in Dr. Paul’s analysis of America’s current economic condition up to the point where his talk turns into an infomercial.

As a watchman on the wall, I’ve seen what Dr. Paul talks about coming for nearly 40 years. It as at age 18 that I began to take steps to protect myself financially from the crisis Dr. Paul is predicting. Too many people have the idea that nothing bad can happen to America, and that the good times will continue to keep rolling on. This is blind and ignorant optimism. Such a mentality flies in the face of the past history of nations and economies who have faced similar situations.

In the past on this blog, I have shared about the judgments I see coming on America and the rest of the Western so-called Christian nations because they have turned their back of Elohim and the Bible. I’ve even shared scriptures that I believe prophesy this. Economic collapse is just one — albeit a large one —aspect of YHVH’s judgment against his people to bring them back to him.

The purpose of this blog is to do my part to help bring a few of YHVH’s people back to him spiritually. It’s a tiny effort and touches only a few lives, but every bit helps. Here’s the video link:


Americans need a spiritual revival to help get over themselves!

Metaphor For America: Starving 4 Pound Baby Dies In Car While Parents Eat At Golden Corral

Golden Corral - Photo by Park92What should be done to parents that stuffed themselves full of food at a Golden Corral while their starving four pound baby girl died in their car outside?  This actually just happened down in Florida, and it is a crime that is shocking the entire nation.  Sadly, it is also a perfect metaphor for what is happening to the country as a whole.  We have become an exceedingly selfish and self-centered society that seems to care very little that we are literally destroying the future of America.  We are stealing trillions of dollars from future generations and destroying what was once the greatest economy in the history of the world just to make ourselves a little bit more comfortable in the present.  We stand by and do nothing while our politicians flush the U.S. Constitution down the toilet and construct a Big Brother police state all around us.  We have become a nation of “sheeple” and “zombies” that are so addicted to entertainment that we can’t even see how our society is rotting and decaying in thousands of different ways all around us.  So yes, the parents that starved their precious little baby girl to death are guilty and should be punished.  But what about the millions of Americans that are doing nothing while America slowly circles the toilet on the way to oblivion?

There are very few news stories that affect me deeply on an emotional level.  But when I read about the starvation of this precious little baby girl down in Florida, I was quite upset…

A baby girl named Betsey died, having being starved to death while strapped in her car seat as her parents ate a Florida Golden Corral restaurant.

The parents of the 22-day-old baby have been charged with first-degree murder, police said on Tuesday, accusing them of neglecting the suffering infant.

Ruby Stephens, 23, and Roy Stephens, 48, of Indiana, were visiting relatives in central Florida on December 23 when they called 911 after discovering the baby was unresponsive in their car, according to Lakeland Police.

Betsey Kee Stephens was declared dead at the hospital.

‘She suffered tremendously over the 22 days that she was alive,’ Mike Link, assistant chief of Lakeland Police, told a news conference.

He called photographs of the baby ‘absolutely horrible.’

How cold-hearted do you have to be in order to do such a thing?

How could anyone neglect such a precious baby girl like that?

Inside the Golden Corral, her parents had access to an endless buffet.  But they didn’t even bring Betsey inside with them.  She sat outside strapped in her car seat as she died from starvation.

But like I said, this is such a perfect metaphor for where we are as a nation.

We have become a selfish, greedy, gluttonous nation that doesn’t care about others and that always wants more for ourselves.

For example, in 1962 only 13 percent of all Americans were obese.  But today, 35.7 percent of all Americans are obese, and it is being projected that 42 percent of all Americans could be obese by the year 2030.

And of course it goes far beyond just being physically gluttonous.  Much worse is… (to continued reading


Proof of America’s Slide into Neo-Barbarism

The Bible tells us that a person has a soul, and that the soul has three main subdivision: the mind, the will and the emotions. This is who a man is and what makes him a unique individual. The Bible also teaches us that each man has a conscience, and that within that conscience indigenously is a basic sense of right and wrong. On the day of Elohim’s judgment, those who follow their moral conscience and do what is right will be judged more favorably than those who don’t (Rom 2:13–16).


As a man has a conscience, so does nation, which is comprised of many men. Several words reflect the conscience of a nation. For example, the word mores is “the essential or characteristic customs or fixed morally binding customs or conventions of a community.” Another word would be ethos, which means “the characteristic spirit of a culture, era or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.” Based on the mores or ethos of a people-group, that group, community or nation will form laws by which it will govern itself. In America, from its founding 240 years ago until recently, the Bible and Christianity influenced the conscience of individuals and the collective conscience of the nation. America’s founding documents — the Constitution and state constitutions — reflected a definite biblical, if not Christian, world-view. This was the ethos of the society.

America, presently, has been described by many as a “post-Christian” nation. It would seem that those who assert that it is still a Christian nation are focusing on America’s past state rather than her present state. That is not to say that there are not still many Bible believers who walk out their faith in America. They are just no longer the majority; a Christian or biblical world-view is no longer the dominant ethos reflecting the core mores of the majority of Americans. The proof of this is to simply look at the spiritual and moral values those individuals our society votes into office to rule over them from the president on down.

Now let’s define another term that is becoming more and more apropos to the times in which we are living. That word is barbarism. Barbarism (derived from the word barbarian), is defined as “the condition to which a society or civilization may be reduced after a societal collapse relative to an earlier period of cultural or technological advancement. This term may also be used pejoratively to describe another society or civilization which is deemed inferior in some way.”

Is America descending into a culture of neo-barbarism or heathenism? Let’s look at some indication that show this is likely the case. Continue reading


Franklin Graham: ‘Greed, Lust’ at Heart of Political Chaos

By John Jessup

CBN News Washington Correspondent
Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Evangelist Franklin Graham says greed, lust, and wickedness are at the heart of Washington’s woes. In an exclusive interview with CBN News, the leader of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association says America is in crisis because we’ve taken God out of the picture.

To read the rest of the story, go to: