New Video: From A.D. 70 to 135 — How the Early Church Left Its Hebrew Roots

This video is a history lesson discussing the events that happened affecting the early church between A.D. 70 (when the Romans destroyed the Jerusalem temple) and A.D. 135. During this time, the early church largely cut itself off from its pro-Torah, Jewish/Hebrew roots. By the middle of the fourth century, the new Roman Catholic Church hardly resembled its apostolic original. This video helps you to understand why the modern church has beliefs that are very different from, and, at times, opposed theologically to the original apostolic church of the first century.



8 thoughts on “New Video: From A.D. 70 to 135 — How the Early Church Left Its Hebrew Roots

  1. I have spent my “wad of time” today in responding to several of your excellent posts, and yet this video impacted me more than any of them. You come off great as a history professor, Natan, but it was not just an intellectual rehash of our early church history to me. By the end, it left me speechless, even though I had heard much of the information before. I think in having it presented line upon line, and all in one place, I saw with greater clarity, the huge down-stream effect our church fathers sent our way away from Torah. I literally was in tears, begging God to forgive them, to forgive our Jewish fathers as well,=.

    “Lord, forgive us all for the way we handle faultily and pass on misinterpretations of Your word to the generations after us. Thank you, Natan, for being a faithful researcher and teacher of Torah.

    • Wow! After I posted this video, it took off like no other video I’ve ever done. It must have struck a chord with a few people. Within two or three days, 360 people had watched it. Now it’s over 400!

      May YHVH use it to help wake up more people spiritually for his glory.

      • I think it is a good one to share because it briefly explains history, and most people are too lazy to read a book or several articles.

        Good points discussing how fast people turn away. My take is that Paul/Sha’ul was the restrainer, as he prophesied that wolves would rise up from among them and not spare the flock following his death. Esau became Edom which birthed Rome, that infiltrated and destroyed the original first century Yeshua movement, and replaced it with the church. Esau was known for his foreign wives, violence, and despising holy things.

  2. Just viewed the Nathan Lawrence 95 minute video. Thought it was very informative. Would be interested in further discussion.

    • It was merely a brief overview that tagged a lot of bases very quickly. I gleaned this info from a number of books on the subject and from my own research into the writings of the early church fathers.

  3. You mentioned that the belief in an immortal soul is a Christian doctrine that is not supported. Can you please elaborate on this? Thanks!

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