New Video: YHVH’s Plan of Salvation in the Seven Biblical Feasts

In this video, learn how the seven biblical feasts as outlined in Leviticus 23 are YHVH’s seven-step plan of salvation (or redemption) for mankind. They are the chronological template of the seven steps each one must take to go from being a slave to the world, flesh and the devil in the spiritual Egypt of this world to becoming a child of Elohim (God) forever in the New Jerusalem. The feasts show man how to be reconciled to our Father in heaven through Yeshua the Messiah.

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4 thoughts on “New Video: YHVH’s Plan of Salvation in the Seven Biblical Feasts

  1. Feed the Body Feed the Soul Feed the Spirit
    Gardening Feasts Plan of Salvation
    Prepare the soil Purim (Lots) Full Moon? Awareness (Acknowledge God)
    Prepare the seed Passover 14th Confession/Invitation
    Plant the seed Unleavened Bread 15t +6 Baptism/Prayer (Jesus)
    Germination Sabbaths Obedience/Faith
    First fruit (radishes, lettuce, peas) Pentecost Repentance/Worship
    Growing, Cultivate, Irrigate, Make Hay, Torah Portions Study/Instruction/Self-control
    Harvest: Vegetables, Beans, Corn Trumpets 1st Praise
    Drying Atonement 10th Sanctification Indwelling of Spirit
    Storage Tabernacles 15th Fellowship
    Processing Eighth Day/Rejoice Witness
    Sharing Chanukah/Lights Discipleship

    Note the correlation between Body, Soul and Spirit; Gardening, Feasts, Plan of Salvation.
    I am a practicing Christian without too much Jewish background.

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    • Can you provide me with some scriptures to back up your ideas?

      For certain, the agricultural cycles correlate with the cycles of the biblical feasts in that they point to the higher spiritual realities of YHVH’s redemptive process for man.

    • We won’t know for sure until the barley in the land of Israel has been examined for ripeness. The harvest stage that sets the new year is called “aviv” or “abib”. That search/examination is done at the end of the 12th month.

      I’m making a guess that it’ll likely be in March (see ) because it falls within a normal timeframe of when Passover occurs. Only YHVH sets the times and seasons, so we won’t know for sure until both the barley is aviv and the new moon has been sighted over Israel. Those are the indicators that YHVH has given to us.

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